NEOPHARMA - custom production of food supplements for the Czech Republic and abroad


NEOPHARMA a.s. is a reliable manufacturer of high quality products and preparations that are beneficial for human health.

NEOPHARMA a.s. was established by renaming the company AVICENNA a.s., which was founded in 2006 as a purely Czech company. The founding workers used their many years of experience in the production of medicines and food supplements and built a successful plant for the production of food supplements.

Our production is focused on custom contract production for other production or trading companies from the Czech Republic and abroad.

We provide our services within the entire process of production of food supplements. We  ensure our own production of products from the provision of raw materials to the final packaging, including the possibility of developing new products and their notification.

We offer our production capacities for the production of small tailor-made orders up to regular large-scale deliveries.

We provide the production of a wide range of food supplements from immune-boosting products and vitamin products, through natural food supplements, food supplements intended for children, athletes or pregnant women to the production of products for joints or weight loss.

We produce for our customers both products intended for the Czech market and products intended for sale on foreign markets.

Within our activities, we strictly adhere to the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and we have FDA certificate also.



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