Adjustment and assembly of products

Product adjustment

We also fill tablets, capsules, liquid and loose mixtures (manufactured by us or supplied by the customer) into various packages according to the customer's needs.

Tablets and capsules are most often filled into blisters, but can also be filled into cans or sachets. Then the products are packed in boxes, in which the package leaflet can be attached at the customer's request.

We fill liquid preparations into bottles or bags, loose preparations into cans or bags and then pack them in boxes again.

We finally assemble all packaged products into final packages suitable for transport and storage and prepare them for dispatch to the customer.

Blister packaging

We fill capsules and tablets made by us or supplied by the customer into blisters on two filling lines. 

The bottom material of the blister is made of PVC or PVC/PVDC film. The upper aluminum foil is printed according to the customer's wishes, where it is possible to state, for example, the product name, the customer's business name, etc. The batch and expiration date of the product are written on each blister.

The dimensions of the blisters are determined by the number and size of the filled units (capsules or tablets). The basic dimensions of blisters are:

  • 92,0 × 38,0 mm
  • 87,0 × 59,0 mm
  • 124,0 × 68,0 mm
  • 110,0 × 80,0 mm
  • 130,0 × 100,0 mm
  • 195,0 × 100,0 mm

For each basic blister size, we have several variants of the number and shape of filled units. We can also prepare a special arrangement of the product into the basic dimensions of the blister at the customer's request. In case of agreement, the dimensions of the blister can be adapted to the customer's requirements.

NEW: We are able to fill two different products into one blister.

The blisters are then placed in boxes, in which it is possible to attach a package leaflet, and further assembled into final packaging.

We adjust tablets and capsules into blisters of various sizes and shapes.

Filling into cans and bottles

We fill the products manufactured by us or supplied by the customer into cans or bottles on three different filling devices. We fill food supplements in the form of tablets and capsules, as well as loose mixtures or liquid preparations. The number of tablets or capsules in the package is monitored by an electronic sensor and then verified by weight control, loose and liquid mixtures then also undergo a weight control.

Cans and bottles can be of different sizes, shapes and colors. As for liquid forms of preparations, we fill them in volumes of bottles from 5 ml to 1 000 ml. We are then able to fill loose mixtures into cans of 50 g to 5 000 kg. Tablets and capsules are filled into cans according to the customer's wishes.

Screw caps or snap closures are used to close cans and bottles, ensuring the originality of the packaging, either with a cap or a sealed aluminum insert. The bottles can be closed both with classic caps and with the spray caps, caps with a drip insert, etc.

Part of the adjustment is to equip the cans with a label with a reprint of the batch and expiration. According to the customer's wishes, the cans are then placed in boxes, where it is possible to attach a package leaflet and assembled into final packages.

We fill preparations into cans and bottles with various closures.

Filling into bags

We fill the prepared mixtures (loose and liquid) into bags with a filling weight of 2 g to 200 g. The type of foil for the bags is provided according to the product specification and the customer's wishes, e.g. moisture barrier etc.

We also adjust capsules or tablets into bags according to the customer's wishes.

The bags can be of different sizes, shapes and colors. We currently provide filling for the following types of bags:

  • sachets 3 welds with dimensions 5.5¸ 7.0 mm to 13.0 × 18.0 mm
  • sachets 4 welds with dimensions of 5.5¸ 7.0 mm to 13.0 × 18.0 mm
  • hose bag with dimensions 25.0 × 40 mm to 128.0 × 360.0 mm
  • house bag with dimensions 80.0 × 120.0 (up to 200.0) mm
  • Doypack with dimensions 120.0 mm × 120 mm to 400.0 × 600.0 mm

We will also reprint the batch and expiration on the bags according to the customer's needs.

We can then put the bags in boxes, in which the package leaflet can be attached, or we can prepare them in the final packaging.

We also fill food supplements into bags.

Filling into boxes

All types of products (blisters, cans, bottles, sachets) manufactured by us or delivered by the customer are assembled on cartoning machines into boxes delivered by the customer with reprint of the relevant batch and expiration. We then complete the special packaging of food supplements and small batches by hand.

It is also possible to insert a package leaflet into the boxes according to the customer's wishes.

The boxes can then also be packed in group packages, or they can be immediately assembled into final packages and prepared for dispatching.

We also fill products (blisters, cans, bottles, bags, sachets) into boxes.

Completion of packaging

Packaged products (cans, bottles, bags, boxes) are then assembled into final packaging suitable for their transport and storage and prepared for dispatch.

At the customer's request, we are also able to make specific packaging of food supplements suitable for various occasions, such as Christmas packaging or gift packaging of preparations.



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