Liquid and loose forms of preparations

Liquid forms of preparations

The production of food supplements in liquid form involves mixing the solutions and then filling them into packaging. We also fill solutions supplied by the customer.

PAs for the consistency and character of the solutions, we mix and fill aqueous solutions, syrups and oils.

We fill the solutions into plastic or glass bottles with sizes of 5 ml to 1 000 ml. After filling, the package is closed by means of a caps selected by the customer, e.g. a classic cap, a spray cap, a cap with a drip insert, etc.

We are also able to fill liquid preparations into bags with a filling weight of 2 ml to 200 ml.

The filled bottles or bags can also be packed in boxes, including the enclosure of the package leaflet and assembled into the final package.

We mix and fill liquid forms of food supplements in volumes of 5–1000 ml.

Loose forms of preparations

We mix mixtures from raw materials purchased or supplied by the customer and adjust them for subsequent use in the production of food supplements, through homogenization, compaction and dry or wet granulation.

We use the prepared mixtures for further production (production of tablets, filling of capsules, adjustment into cans or bags) or we deliver them to the customer in-bulk.

As for filling loose preparations into cans, we fill cans in various volumes from 50 g up to 5 000 kg. We buy cans from approved suppliers in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We also provide printing of cans with a label with reprinting of the batch and expiration.

We also fill the prepared mixtures into bags with a filling weight 2 g to 200 g.

We can then pack the bags or cans in boxes, in which the package leaflet can be attached at the customer's request.

We prepare food supplements in the form of loose mixtures, including their homogenization, compaction and granulation.



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