NEOPHARMA - custom production of food supplements for the Czech Republic and abroad


NEOPHARMA a.s. is a reliable manufacturer of high quality food supplements and other products beneficial to human health.

We provide the whole production process of food supplements from their development, through our own production to the final packaging. However, we are also able to provide our services to our customers only in certain parts of the production of preparations.

Our production is focused on custom contract production for other manufacturing or trading companies from the Czech Republic and abroad. We provide small custom orders and large-scale deliveries.

We manufacture a wide range of products designed for the Czech and foreign markets.

Below you can see an overview of our services and, after clicking on them, more precise characteristics of individual forms of food supplements and procedures for their production. We will always agree with the customer on a specific procedure according to the nature of the requested product and the customer's wishes.

Production of tablets

We produce coated and uncoated tablets of various sizes, shapes and colors, from mixtures made by us or supplied by the customer. More information...

Vyrábíme potahované i nepotahované tablety různých velikostí, tvarů a barev.

Capsule filling

We also fill the mixtures produced by us, or the mixtures supplied by the customer, into hard gelatin or vegetable capsules, also in various sizes and colors. More information...

Plníme tvrdé želatinové a rostlinné kapsle o různých velikostech a barvách.

Preparations in liquid form

We mix liquid forms of food supplements and other preparations and fill them in volumes of 5 ml to 1000 ml into bottles with various caps. More information...

Mícháme a plníme tekuté formy doplňků stravy.

Loose mixtures

We also prepare food supplements in the form of loose mixtures and ensure their homogenization, compaction or granulation. More information...

Vyrábíme a plníme potravinové doplňky ve formě sypkých směsí.

Adjustment and packaging assembly

We adjust products made by us or supplied by the customer into blisters of various sizes and shapes. We also fill the preparations into cans, bottles, sachets or boxes of various sizes. We assemble finished products into final packaging according to the customer's needs. More information...

Kompletujeme doplňky stravy do blistrů, dóz, lahviček, krabiček a sáčků.

Product development and notification

Our worker experienced in the development and production of medicines and food supplements develops high quality products and products tailored to the customer's wishes. At the same time, we also provide notification of newly manufactured products. More information...

Vyvíjíme produkty a přípravky na míru dle přání zákazníka.


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