Production of tablets and capsules

Production of tablets

We produce food supplements in the form of coated and uncoated tablets, made from mixtures prepared by us or supplied by the customer.

Uncoated tablets

We produce quality tablets from mixtures made by us or supplied by the customer. As for the mixtures we produce, we prepare them for tableting by homogenization, compaction or granulation, both dry and wet - we always choose the most suitable method according to the kind of the product and the customer's needs. We provide quality active substances and additives for mixtures in agreement with the customer, but it is also possible to supply active substances by the customer.

We produce tablets in various sizes, shapes and colors, always according to the customer's needs. We prepare tablets in the range of tablet weight approx. 250–2 500 mg. We currently work on five tablet presses with different capacities and have many formats of tablet sizes and shapes:

  • tablet lens diameter 9.0 mm; 11.5 mm; 12.0 mm; 12.5 mm,
  • tablet flat diameter 12.0 mm,
  • oval tablet measuring 16.0 × 9.0 mm; 25.2 x 12.0 mm
  • oblong tablet measuring 19.2 × 8.0 mm; 21.2 × 8.0 mm.

We then adjust the tablets into blisters of various shapes and sizes, into cans or bags and pack them in boxes, or we deliver the produced tablets to customers without further processing.

We produce coated and uncoated tablets of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Coated tablets

For some products, it is preferable to take film-coated tablets. We coat both tablets of our own production and tablets supplied by the customer, by so-called film coating. Coating is performed on two machines of different capacities using coating mixtures of own production or custom mixtures prepared by the supplier. Coating mixtures can be transparent, white or colored, according to the customer's wishes.

We are also able to coat the tablets with an enteric mixture for cases, where it is suitable, that the tablet resists gastric juices and the active substances contained in it are only released in the intestine.

Also the coated tablets are then filled into blisters, cans or bags and the finished product is assembled into final packaging.

We produce coated and uncoated tablets of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Capsule filling

We fill both hard gelatin and vegetable capsules with mixtures of our own production or with a mixture supplied by the customer. Filling is performed on two automatic filling devices and for specific cases on a semi-automatic machine.

The size of filled capsules can be various, according to their volume we distinguish capsules of sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3. It is possible to fill capsules transparent, white, colored (a wide range of colors).

In case the active substances contained in the capsule are to be released only in the intestine, we are able to coat the capsules with an enteric mixture (these are then called delayed-release capsules).

We further adjust the filled capsules into blisters, cans or bags, pack them in boxes and assemble them into final packages for dispatch, or we can deliver them to the customer without further processing.

We fill hard gelatin and vegetable capsules of various sizes and colors



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